A few of our frequently asked questions

1What services does Hatch Ecommerce Fulfillment offer?
Hatch Ecommerce Fulfillment offers Ecommerce and order warehousing and fulfillment services including: Holding inventory, picking product, packing, shipping, product photography, marketing inserts, and much more. Check out our services here.
2What platforms does Hatch Ecommerce Fulfillment integrate with?
We integrate with most major Ecommerce and EDI platforms, reach out to us to integrate with your platform.
3What if the platform I need to integrate with is not on your list or is a custom platform?
Hatch Ecommerce Fulfillment can also offer customized solutions for those who’s platforms are not listed. Please reach out to us via phone or our contact portal and we can discuss your specific needs.
4What happens if my customers need to make a return?
We offer easy and fast return solutions for all our customers. You provide us with your guidelines for returns and we follow them to a “T.” Our process is seamless and if needed can ship out an exchange for the returned item on the same day!
5I’m just starting out, do you require any minimums?
No minimums are required! Whether its one unit a day or 1,000 units a day we have your back!
6Do you require barcodes?
Having a barcode will make the process smoother for us and for you, but it is not required. We can keep eyes on your inventory throughout every stage of the process, barcode or not.
7Do you ship to Amazon?
Yes we do! We have lots of experience sending product to Amazon. We know the requirements, we know the headaches to avoid, and we can ensure that your product arrives to an Amazon warehouse in a timely manner.
8Do you handle International Shipments?
Yes we do! We work closely with carriers to get great rates for international shipments. Rest assured that you can easily reach your global customers.

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